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Product : Model-10/10B-High-Voltage-Power-Amplifier

Category : TREK


Applications include Electrostatic deflection, Electrophoresis research, Electrophotography research, Electrooptic modulation, AC and DC biasing, Electroactive polymers, Plasma chemistry
1.Remote High-Voltage ON/OFF capability
2.Dynamic Adjustment for output AC response
3.Adjustable Current Limit or Current Trip
4.Voltage and Current Monitors
Output Voltage Range: 0 to ±10 kV DC or peak AC
Output Current Range: 0 to ±10 mA DC or peak AC
Slew Rate (10% to 90%): Greater than 250 V/μs
Large Signal Bandwidth: DC to greater than 4 kHz (1% distortion)
Small Signal Bandwidth: DC to greater than 20 kHz (-3dB)

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