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Product : IQ Power

Category : SIMCO Ionizer Systems


The IQ Power Static Neutralizing System and IQ Power HL for Hazardous Locations, is an unparalleled lineup engineered with the technology that brings complete monitoring intelligence with a user friendly interface. Designed for use in rugged industrial applications and leveraging many patented features, the IQ Power provides exceptional ionization performance.
Security enabled, configurable parameters allow the user to understand and control their static neutralization challenges through a user-friendly interface and microprocessor controlled touchscreen.
This fully integrated system makes installation a snap. No complicated software to install or maintain. There’s no need for figure out firewalls and installation issues, or which browser to use.
The IQ Power System incorporates several relay output choices to suit desired alarm methods for streamlined operation and maximum productivity. Global relays as well as individual IQ Power BPS relays are accessible for both warning and fault user selectable alarm thresholds.

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Operations in-charge, leading manufacturer of aerospace components

We had purchased an ioniser from the market and installed it, expecting it to do its work. After few months of installation there was no improvement in the quality of air and the productivity. An ESD expert from Cir-Q-Tech Tako Technologies visited our unit and addressed the technical defects of implementation of ioniser, resulting in increase in efficiency and productivity significantly.

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