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Product : ESD Vinyls-Colorex EC

Category : ESD Safe Floors


With Colorex EC, static charges flow easily through the dense network of tiny conductive veins that run through the whole thickness of the tile. The charge is transmitted via the conductive adhesive and securely discharged to earth via the copper strip. It’s a completely natural system that needs no volatile, chemical antistatic additives to aid conductivity. The conductivity is not affected by changes in temperature or humidity.
Functionality: Permanently conductive.
Description: Permanently conductive floor, connection between tiles through conductive adhesive and connected to earth through a copper strip. Compliant to IEC 61340-4-5 with appropriate ESD shoes.
Application areas: ESD facilities, cleanrooms, pharmaceutical laboratories, production sites and operating theatres.

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Technical superintendent, Pharmaceutical manufacturing plant

The implementation of ESD Safe flooring by Cir-Q-Tech Tako Technologies at our manufacturing unit, completed eliminated the losses and risks due to Electro-static discharge, and also enhanced the safety of our employees.

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