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Product : Stat-Con ESD Flooring tiles

Category : ESD Safe Floors


Cir-q-Tech, a pioneer in ESD Control solutions in India, specializes in ESD tiles. Available in both conductive and static dissipative properties, these ESD tiles are compressed ESD Vinyl based tiles. The manufacturing technology ensures that the tiles remain conductive permanently and also incorporate very good mechanical properties, abrasion resistance, indentation resistance and chemical resistance. The ESD tiles have a low content of Plasticisers.
In contrast, the conventional calendered sheets have a high content of Plasticisers - almost 35-40% which compromises heavily on the above advantages. The compressed Vinyl Flooring Tiles are made by heat pressing; vinyl chips coated with conductive ink into a large mould. The ESD tiles are then sliced off from the block and tempered in an oven. Finally the top and the bottom surface are finished suitably and cut to the required sizes.
Our clients who have benefitted from ESD tiles
We are the official service repair provider for a leading gadget manufacturer in India, and we had to ensure our work place was ESD free. After a consultation with Cir-q-Tech, they provided us a comprehensive solution by providing us ESD tiles, ESD consumables, ESD coats and much more. We haven’t encountered a single ESD defect on our electronic repair station since then.

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Technical superintendent, Pharmaceutical manufacturing plant

The implementation of ESD Safe flooring by Cir-Q-Tech Tako Technologies at our manufacturing unit, completed eliminated the losses and risks due to Electro-static discharge, and also enhanced the safety of our employees.

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