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StoPur KV is a pigmented, a 2-component, UV stable and PU resin sealing paint used for interior floor coating application made by Stocretec, Germany. This ESD Paint has the following characteristics:
Can be used on industrial floor to get a ESD Flooring which is compliant to all International ESD norms.
Easy to apply and very short downtime of the factory shop floor.
Can be carried out by the factory personnel themselves using simple tools (DIY).
Has horizontal conductivity and can be easily grounded.
StoPur KV possesses a very good abrasion stability.
StoPur KV homogenizes the conductivity of ESD coatings.
Can be used to protect ESD Epoxy floor coatings and can also be coated on to vinyl floors to make insulative vinyl floors ESD Safe.
Easy to maintain and recoat, if necessary.
Available in different colours.

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Technical superintendent, Pharmaceutical manufacturing plant

The implementation of ESD Safe flooring by Cir-Q-Tech Tako Technologies at our manufacturing unit, completed eliminated the losses and risks due to Electro-static discharge, and also enhanced the safety of our employees.

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