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Product : ESD-Floor-Polish-(Wax)-for-Floors

Category : ESD-Clean Consumables


Polishes help to reduce dirt accumulation on floor and give the floor a glossy finish. The waxes can also give temporary antistatic property to floor.
For Epoxy floors:
StoDivers P 110 is applied to the clean and hardened industrial floor in a thin, even coating. 2 applications are recommended. The second coat is applied perpendicular to the first. The individual applications should be allowed to dry well (waiting time between applications approx. 1 hour). Consumption: approx. 30-50 ml/m².
For Vinyl Floors:
Ultra Electro is a high gloss floor finish designed for electronics production areas, computer rooms and other static sensitive areas. Containing a non migratory, static dissipative polymer, the coating will maintain a constant surface resistance of 10e6-10e8 ohms throughout the humidity spectrum. 2 coats recommended with 1 hour waiting time and approx 150-200sqm can be coated with 1 gallon(3.78lts).

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