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Product : Critical Environment Overhead Ionizer

Category : SIMCO Ionizer Systems


The Simco-Ion Critical Environment Overhead Ionizer Model 5810i is designed to provide industry-leading balanced ionization performance in cleanroom environments. The Model 5810i is certified for use in ISO Class 4 cleanrooms (Fed. Std. 209(e) Class 10). The ionizer can operate with external sensors to maintain precise balance (better than ±1V) by altering ion output and adapting to environment changes. With the reliability of steady-state DC, the established method for eliminating the effects of ESD and ESD-induced electromagnetic interference (EMI) in high-tech facilities, the Model 5810i delivers maximum ion output where and when you need it.
Complete compatibility with the operating conditions in today’s cleanrooms is ensured with silicone-free air bearing fans. Each fan is engineered for cleanliness, and sealed off from the rest of the chassis to meet critical cleanroom requirements. Ionizers that don’t match these quality standards risk contaminating manufacturing processes and possibly reducing product yields.

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Operations in-charge, leading manufacturer of aerospace components

We had purchased an ioniser from the market and installed it, expecting it to do its work. After few months of installation there was no improvement in the quality of air and the productivity. An ESD expert from Cir-Q-Tech Tako Technologies visited our unit and addressed the technical defects of implementation of ioniser, resulting in increase in efficiency and productivity significantly.

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