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Product : Combo Tester X3

Category : SCS


Contactless test switch suitable for safety measures against Covid infection. 
Tests operator’s path-to-ground; wrist strap limits 750 kilohms to 10 megohms, footwear limits 750 kilohms to 35 megohms1
Determines that operator’s personnel grounding devices (wrist straps2, foot grounders, ESD shoes, smocks3) are functioning correctly.
Simultaneous testing of wrist strap and footwear in less than 3 seconds
Reduces time spent testing personnel grounding devices used in ESD control plans
Solid-state test switch with no moving parts
Maintains accuracy of tests and extends the lifetime of the tester
Split foot plate for testing foot grounders (or ESD shoes)
Tests both foot grounders independently at the same time
30 volt test signal
Provides accurate tests that are not humidity dependent
Relay for use with automatic doors or other locking systems
Controls access to ESD protected areas
Compatibility with ESD Glove Test Fixture
Pair with the EMIT 50755 ESD Glove Test Fixture to allow operators to perform tests while wearing gloves or finger cots

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