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Product : Charge-Applicators

Category : SIMCO Ionizer Systems


Chargemaster CM supplies the high voltage for charging bars and various applicators, which are used to temporarily bond materials together, providing a simple and economical solution for a wide range of production processes.
There are three major advantages this technology offers the user:
1.Ensures that the voltage output from the power supply is equal to the voltage programmed via the controls
2.Ensures that fluctuations on the AC input line will not affect the Voltage output
3.Variances in load, up to the recommended maximum, do not affect the voltage output
Additional circuitry controls the duty cycle of an arcing condition, ensuring that little energy is created during accidental contact or arcing, preventing personnel injury and equipment damage.

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Operations in-charge, leading manufacturer of aerospace components

We had purchased an ioniser from the market and installed it, expecting it to do its work. After few months of installation there was no improvement in the quality of air and the productivity. An ESD expert from Cir-Q-Tech Tako Technologies visited our unit and addressed the technical defects of implementation of ioniser, resulting in increase in efficiency and productivity significantly.

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