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Product : Aerostat-PC-Ionizing-Air-Blower

Category : SIMCO Ionizer Systems


Simco-Ion’s Aerostat PC Ionizing Air Blower provides localized coverage with superior charge decay efficiency. The Aerostat PC operates on AC technology and is designed to provide ionization to a targeted work surface.
Distinguished by its variable fan speed control, heater element, and emitter point cleaner, the Aerostat PC is an excellent choice for eliminating static in production processes. While helping to protect products and personnel from the effects of static discharge, the Aerostat PC is lightweight, small, and quiet –making it easy for the user to direct the ionization where it is needed.
1.Discharge time of 1.5 seconds at 1 foot*
2.Lightweight, compact and quiet for unobtrusive use
3.Built-in emitter point cleaner
4.Variable speed fan for airflow control
5.Status lamp indicates high voltage is present at the emitter points
6.Integrated heater for warm air flow
7.Optional Fan Air Filter

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Operations in-charge, leading manufacturer of aerospace components

We had purchased an ioniser from the market and installed it, expecting it to do its work. After few months of installation there was no improvement in the quality of air and the productivity. An ESD expert from Cir-Q-Tech Tako Technologies visited our unit and addressed the technical defects of implementation of ioniser, resulting in increase in efficiency and productivity significantly.

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