1. Consultancy on ESD Control Related Problems to specifically offer available solutions to eac
2. Testing and Calibration of ESD Control Instrumentation using state of the art instrumentation pre-calibrated to national standards
3. Pioneering innovative training programmes for educating customers at various levels in ESD control in India.
4. Impart knowledge to customers related to ESD, in sync with the latest developments globally based on continuous updating of the development globally.
5. Assist the customer in drawing up a comprehensive ESD Control Plan.

The services are not restricted to the Electronic Industry alone but also to various other industries where ESD can offer a threat to life and property.

Special services are offered to a customer in the form of discussion with even architects, project managers and infra-structure providers.

Provide comprehensive service from hand holding at the inception level, to commissioning of ESD control equipment.

Special services are offered when required by the customer through our collaborators abroad.

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