Static Charge is generated due to Friction or Separation between insulators.
All anti-static/ESD-safe materials can be tested & qualified as per ANSI or IEC standards. To know more about making measurements of each material as per specific standards,please see this link
Wrist strap is a Personnel grounding device capable of taking away the charges from an individual, but it cannot take care of ESD Control in the case of other damage models.
Cirqtech offers expert consultancy for implementing ionization solutions in manufacturing processes. We will make a detailed study of your process & make specific recommendations to help u control static in your manufacturing process. We have a proven track record of getting measurable results with numerous clients. Please see our testimonials & case studies page.
Based on a specific customer's requirements, an entire ESD control program can be designed to cover all aspects of training, implementation, measurements & auditing. U can find more details here
Yes, this is the ultimate proof that an ESD control program is a very useful program. We have a successful track recording of helping customers achieve tangible product yield improvements, improving quality control & reducing losses from rejections. U can find more details at testimonials & case studies
Anti static bags though they do not generate Static, permit Static fields to pass through them. Therefore any device, which is stored in these bags, is not safe from external Static fields. We recommend to use our transparent shielding bags
Yes, under specific conditions within hazardous locations, static discharges can cause sparks,fires & explosions. These serious safety threats can be dealt with, by using our special range of HL-approved ionizers.
All our ionizers qualify as per OSHA standards & come with required certification(unlike other cheaper untested products in the market, which can serious health problems to operators due to ozone poisoning). High voltage circuits also come with appropriate current limiting circuits, to prevent nasty or life threatening shocks. We encourage our customers to choose only responsible & safe products.
While Earthing will work well for conductive objects, it will not help to discharge insulators, which can continue to pose an ESD problem. For this specific reason, we recommend to use our range of ionizers which u can find here.

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